​​Be Immune

When living with autoimmune deficiencies, it becomes more difficult to thrive in life, work and or business; it ultimately shifts your mindset to a place of defeat.  It feels like you're on a baseball mound being thrown a curve-ball that hits you dead on.  You often question, "How did this happen, what signs did I ignore?"  More so, you feel as if life as you know it is over therefore in most cases leaving you depressed and wondering if life should go on.  Yes, it's true...living with invisible, often debilitating, very unpredictable illnesses can feel like a train that delibertly jumped a track in the wrong direction making you feel you have to weather the roads less traveled alone.  This doesn't have to be your story.  

The problem with autoimmune deficiencies is that doctors know very little about them.  Even though millions of people have been misdiagnosed, the medical field is still in the dark about how to treat these diseases.  The reasons that most are misdiagnosed for years, or repeatedly told that "you are fine" - is because all people are different, yet the medical field uses the same standard range of testing and treatment plans as if everyone is the same and that is a major problem in itself.  She's Immune, is designed to empower women to take control over their lives, mindsets, bodies and or businesses.